Organise your own event

Organise your own event

Invite family, friends or colleagues to come to your own event to raise money for NewLife.

Put the kettle and your thinking cap on and get organising, however big or small your fundraising idea rest assured every penny you raise will go towards helping those cherished babies needing that little bit of extra special care.

How about throwing an afternoon tea party, a quiz night, or gather the family together for a sponsored walk.  Above all have fun and enjoy.

Golf Clubs - if you have been chosen as a golf club captain this year why not select NewLife as your charity of the year.  We have hosted some incredibly successful charity golf days and can help you with ideas, guidance and support for your fundraising event.  Have fun on the course whilst helping us to fundraise for this special cause. 

Schools, Colleges and Nurseries - there are so many ways you can help raise money for NewLife, whatever you decide to do whether it’s fundraising for a day a term or a year your support will make a huge difference to those very special babies.