Match Funding for a Twin Incubator

We were delighted when Leicester Hospitals Trust approached us to help them with their latest fundraising campaign to fund a double pod twin incubator.  We haven't worked with Leicester Hospital before and were really interested to find out more about this new campaign.

A total of £50,000 is needed to support the purchase of a double pod transfer incubator/ventilator system and Kangaroo Fix Harnesses.  This will be used by the Neonatal Transfer Service when transporting premature twins between hospital sites or hospital and home.  The hospital does not currently have facility for twins to be transferred together which leaves the parents in an impossible situation deciding which baby to stay with.  The Kangaroo Fix harnesses form part of this fundraising campaign so that older, more stable infants can travel during the transfer process harnessed to their parents using a fully approved, safety harness that is designed for medical infant transfers.

The double pod system ensures the twins remain together in one journey which relieves the stress on the family.  Premature twins frequently stay together in a cot or incubator so the transfer system means they do not have to be separated.  The Trust's fundraising campaign aims to raise £25,000 through a community fundraising campaign which will be match funded, so every £1 donated will result in £2.  

New Life was delighted to donate £5,000 which will be match funded by community donations.