Supporter Spotlight: Lisa

Did you know that incubators are vital for keeping a premature baby warm?


Lisa always remembers being involved in a fundraising event which helped to fund an incubator. This was delivered to a local hospital the day that a critically ill baby was admitted to SCBU and the same day that their old incubator had just broken!

‘That’ says Lisa ‘is how this incredible charity works.  It can bypass all the red tape typically faced by Neonatal staff when trying to order a piece of equipment.  The charity raises the money, orders the equipment, and organises delivery.  Just like that! Sometimes within days.

Lisa met Trevor at her local David Lloyd Club whilst playing tennis.  ‘Hearing Trev’s story about his sons Joshua and Samuel who were born prematurely over 25 years ago and sadly passed away’ says Lisa ‘and Trev’s unwavering passion and determination, inspired me to support the charity.  The charity has continued to provide premature babies with lifesaving equipment giving them every fighting chance for a happy and healthy future. Trev does so much so; I thought I could do a little bit to help, and it all went from there.’

Lisa has had a major part to play in raising £150k over the four SPORTathons, held at David Lloyd every year.  Lisa took on the mantle of event organiser for this 24-hour sporting event supported by a huge team of volunteers, participants, and spectators.  Each year the SPORTathon has grown in size and in 2023 it broke its own fundraising record, raising an incredible £57k.  ‘I am a small business owner’ says Lisa ‘so I can turn my hand to pretty much anything thrown at me.  I enjoy the buzz of a challenge and meeting new people and am very much a team player. ‘

‘I have made so many friendships over the years’ concludes Lisa.  ‘Working closely with people for the full 24 hours at the SPORTathon was certainly a great way to get to know each other!’

Many of the SPORTathon crew will remember Lisa eating her MacDonalds at 4 a.m. whilst learning a new hack!  What a way to stay awake!