Kangaroo Care makes all the difference

When babies are born prematurely it goes without saying that they require specialist care. Many of these tiny babies need treatment for jaundice and must be kept warm at all times.  Biliblankets deliver phototherapy to the baby as well as monitor the baby's core temperature.  Much of this treatment takes place while the baby is in the incubator. But what happens when parents want to feed or cuddle their baby?

This is one of the huge advantages of the biliblanket.  Otherwise known as 'kangaroo care', the blanket allows the baby to be cuddled or fed during treatment.  The baby also feels hugely reassured by being wrapped up warm.

New Life recently funded a number of new biliblankets for The Beeding Unit at Worthing Hospital costing £9,000.  'These blankets' commented Ward Sister Abigail Seal, 'are such a great addition to the ward's equipment.  It means that we are still able to deliver treatment while the baby receives skin to skin contact with their parent when cuddling or breast feeding.  Prior to New Life funding these blankets, babies would have to stop treatment for skin to skin or feeding which would limit the amount of time they could be  out from under the phototherapy lights.  Only this week when the blankets were delivered, were we able to assist parents to try kangaroo care with their tiny baby while the treatment continued.'


Mr Goodall, CEO and Founder of New Life said “We are absolutely delighted to have funded these blankets for Worthing, particularly as it is the first time we have had a request from this hospital.  As we raise more money for premature babies we are able to respond to the increasing requests from Neonatal staff across the UK for lifesaving equipment, some of which is often not funded by the NHS.’