Skating for SCBU

Mike Lyons had a cardiac arrest in 2019 following a run, which resulted in him being hospitalised in a coma for.  With excellent medical care and determination, Mike came out the other side, with only one caveat - his wife told him that he should give up running.  Having always liked sport Mike decided he should take up a new challenge and he chose inline skating!  But that is not all.  Not only did he take up this new challenge at 67, not having skated for 55 years, but he also decided to skate 1000 miles to raise money for charity and he chose New Life.

Mike's daughter was born prematurely in 1980 and now looking back, he realises how much of a chance she was given in life due to the dedication and care of the staff on the neonatal unit at the Royal Gwent hospital.

Mike has challenged himself to achieve the 1000 miles in four stages, to be completed by the middle of 2023.  Each week, Mike skates a few more miles in his local area as well as at organised events.  He documents his journey as he goes, regularly updating his Facebook page (Around the World in Eight Skates), with videos and photos.  Mike also set up a website where he adds entertaining and informative updates about his skating and personal journey.

With 6 months to go, Mike has raised just over £800 and has a further 750 miles to skate.  Keen to get as many miles in as possible, Mike would love to attend more events across the UK with skateable surfaces and is keen to hear of these.

We would love to see Mike raise as much as possible towards neonatal lifesaving equipment in 2023.   Donate to get behind his wonderful story and fundraising challenge via:

Mike Lyons is fundraising for New Life Special Care Babies (